Tower of Hanoi


Play this classic game. The aim is to shift a given number of discs from position A, B or C to another position.



* Only one disc at a time can be shifted.

* Only the topmost disc can be shifted.

* A disc can only be placed on top of a smaller disc.


To play the game:

* Choose A, B or C in the 'From' and A, B or C in the 'To'. Note that you cannot have A

   to A, B to B or C to C.

* Set the number of discs to move. This is a value from 3 to 20.

* Click ok to begin.

* To move a disc, click anywhere in the column containing the disc and then click

   anywhere in the column to which you want the disc to go.

* To see a demo, set the options as above, tick the Solution box and click ok.