Magic Squares


This program allows you to create and investigate Magic Squares 

Magic Squares up to 10 rows and 10 columns can be created.

First, set the following options and then press START PUZZLE.

SIZE: Choose the number of rows and columns.

START VALUE: Set the first value (the smallest) of the Magic Square.

 INCREMENT: Set the value by which each number is incremented to get the   next value

The numbers in the grid will not be in their correct position.

 Use the mouse to choose two numbers to swap.

 The totals for each row and each column are shown.

 Repeat this process until you have all numbers in their correct position.

 To check your answers, click FIX.

 To see the solution at any time, choose SHOW ME.

 Choose NEW GAME to begin a new game at any time.

 After the download, unzip the folder and run the exe file.